Only in the Fairytale, Does a Girls Dream Come True

“Chapter One”
The story begins…

Trish was a single mother of 7. Though there are only 2 still at home Jason 16 and Britney 14. She struggled all their growing years just to keep a roof over their head and basic life necessities.

With just the three of them now things had become somewhat easier. Instead of maintaining a large house they all now live in a three-bedroom apartment on a nice side of town. She collects social security disability benefits. They attend a little country church and go to most of the local gatherings in town. Some of the gatherings are fund raisers for different charities and there are people they know only briefly.

She also has some very dear friends from church. There are large functions and people come with others that are in that area. Some of the ladies in church and friends have tried to get her to date some of the men at these gatherings but nothing or no-one ever seemed right. She knew she had several failed relationships. None ever seemed to understand the deep need she required in a relationship and even when they do understand it they are not ready or willing for it. It was easier to bear the pain of loneliness then it was the rejection.

Trish had pretty much given up on ever being in any relationships. She had decided to only live for her children and grand-children.

Sometimes after these charity functions they have new visitors in church. Some are relatives visiting or just visitors wanting to get to know them better and seeking a church. This would be the situation in Trent’s case. He was looking for a home church and possibly a nice lady to someday in the far future make his wife.

He has friends who have been trying to get him dating too. He has noticed one woman briefly from a distance but hasn’t given it much thought. That would-be Trish. He finds her interesting, just seems to be something about her he can’t put his finger on. He has seen her on several occasions and admired the fact she raised 7 children alone and hadn’t given up. He had also heard through some of the men in church, how she has been through a lot but is really nice and so on.

It just so happens to be that Trish’s best friend Kari whose husband is Trent’s close friend and co-worker Gary, but they have never formally met.

One night before settling in for bed Gary told his wife Kari jokingly: “Trish’s Master Right may have been right under our noses all these years and we just didn’t know it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Trent made a comment at the grocery store tonight while we were in the check out. We were looking over some of the stories in the tabloids and Trent just said, “Every woman deserves to be placed on a pedestal and usually taken over the knee and spanked, all at the same time.”

Kari held her hand over her mouth and gasped and she nearly exploded and couldn’t wait to call Trish. Trish has deep desires to the D/s lifestyle and Kari being her best friend was nearly the only one to know this.

She also knew how Trish is now trying not to let it surface anymore due to previous painful relationships. Kari just had to give it one more try if this is more than a jokingly manly comment.

Trish doesn’t like being set up she thinks it should happen on its own, but maybe just this once…

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything I just laughed at him.”

Gary and Kari practice a D/s lifestyle/relationship but Gary is more laid back on the structure of their conversations, however Kari knows not to cross that proverbial line. After 18 of their 19 years together lived in the D/s lifestyle she knows where that line is very well.

Kari immediately asked Gary if he could find out if Trent was kidding or was he serious. Ideas were just swimming on how she would get Trish and Trent to meet face to face and talk.

Gary tried to remind Kari that maybe it was a joke and how serious this area is with Trish. Gary seen the wheels turning and just figured he had lost any battle in trying to convince her to not butt in, but prompted and warned her not to over step.

He left the room to go shower for bed. Kari hurried and called Trish.

Trish answered the phone, “Hello”

“Hey girl, you are not going to believe this!”

“What is it?”

“Do you remember that really nice looking but quiet guy Trent who is usually with Gary at all our church and charity functions?”

“You mean the handsome, clean cut, tall one with broad shoulders and green eyes and when he visits church always sits close to the back by the door and briefly smiles when our eyes meet at those charities?” She giggled.

“That’s the one!” They giggled

“Sure. What about him? And if you are thinking what I think you are thinking, don’t think it. All kidding aside, he is adorable but I am not interested in yet another break my heart adventure.”

“I know Hun, really I do, but there is something you need to know about him.”

“What wonderful quality does this one have?” She said with sarcasm.

Kari only said one word. “Lifestyle”

Trish’s end of the phone went deadly quiet.

“Trish, are you there? Did you hear me?”

After a moment Trish answered, “Yes I heard you. Kari, I can’t do this again. After Jim, I do not think I can go through this again. I get my hopes all up and put my heart and soul out there on a silver platter and then it turns out all he wants is hot and heavy scenes that happen mostly online because they have no clue at real life. And even if this guy is legit, I am not going to scene online or ever again until I marry and I do not see that ever happening.”

“Well you never know Hun, until you try. He is a really nice guy; he is like family around here like you. Gary and I have known him now for 5 years or better and he has been here hundreds of times. He works with Gary you know. I am surprised you haven’t met him already actually. It also has been several years since Jim.”

“Yes, I know. Kari, just curious, how do you know he likes the lifestyle life? I mean he has been around all this time and nothing ever came up before now?”

“Well Seems he made a comment you may find exciting as well as funny.”

“And what would that be?”

He said, “Every woman deserves to be placed on a pedestal and usually taken over the knee and spanked, all at the same time” She giggled.

“That doesn’t mean anything Kari. Allot of guys talk the talk, especially of spankings. That centers on sex. I think I need allot more information than a mere comment.”

“So you will go out with him and get to know him if he is legit?”

“I don’t know Kari….”

“Come on Trish, you don’t have to go anywhere with him, you can come over here and he can just so happen to be here too. How about this, I talk to Gary. He knows about the lifestyle and knows your true intimate feelings in the area. He can in a guy way ask Trent some point blank questions and see where he stands. If Gary thinks it is safe for your heart, will you at least give him one day?”

Trish sighed, “Ok… but only on one condition”


“Gary is not in any way to reveal anything about me or that you guys are trying to set us up so that IF this turns out to be something to pursue in the very far future then it is on our own not squished together by loving trying to help friends, deal?”

Kari laughed, “Deal, I love you girl.”

“I know you do, I love you too….”



“Thank you, I know you mean well. Maybe someone is looking down on me and Master Right has finally come along.” Trish shrugged.

“It could be, I hope so Hun, and I will call you tomorrow as soon as Gary fills me in after work ok?”


“Night Hun”

After hanging up the phone Trish turned all the lights out and crawled in her bed, rolled over holding onto her pillow and as hard as she tried could not fall asleep. After all this time, she thought she put it behind her. Now here she laid with her heart all a mess. Remembering Jim and how he made so many promises and Rage too. Her wall of concrete had crumbled in only a brief moment with only one comment.

Gary came to bed.

“You called her, didn’t you?”

“Yes Sir…”

“What did you tell her?”

“Just the comment and that you will talk to him. She made me promise not to set them up and to let it happen on its own even if he is legit with the lifestyle.”

“You nearly are crossing that line Kari Ann. You better honor that promise and what I told you as well.”

“I will Master”

“You’ll more than not sit for a time.”

“Yes Sir.”

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